Chatter, A Zend Framework 2 Module

March 01, 2014

Update: This project is permanently archived

Chatter is a forum module designed for Zend Framework 2. It was designed to be featureful, speedy, but most importantly very easy to set up and maintain. It provides the concepts of a user profile, forums and subforums, threads, comments & replies to comments. It is somewhat themeable, and has some concept of user permissions and private forums.

It also has some limited rich embedding support: its possible to embed youtube videos and images directly in posts.

It is freely available on Github. This module requires ZfcBase & ZfcUser.


  • User accounts (utilises ZfcUser for signup/login)
  • Avatars and signatures on posts+profile
  • Subforums w/ descriptions
  • Post editing
  • Private subforums
  • Media embedding via metatags (img, url, video)
  • Administrator thread pinning
  • Complete pagination support for threads and pages
  • Custom password reset & authentication


There is no longer any application running this module. An archive of the university society website I designed and build circa. 2013 can be built with docker to experience it. See to demo it yourself.

However, I managed to recover and obtain screen captures of their skinned forum:

Top page forum listing with grouping

All Forums

Viewing a single forum

Single Subforum

THread creation form

Creating a new thread

Single thread view

Viewing a thread

Meta tags to embed links, images and Youtube videos; also supports Bold, Italic, and colouring any text

Image and youtube embed support in posts

Profile editing

Profile editor; avatar and signature


Repository: View Github repository


  • A PHP web server running a Zend Framework 2 installation