A Smite conquest assistant

March 01, 2016

What is is a webapp for casual players looking to get into ranked Conquest play in the MOBA Smite. (Conquest is the primary 5v5 game mode used in tournament play). The objective is to provide enough information for new players of Conquest (casual or ranked) for them to make more informed god and build choices. has 2 core features: It provides information on gods pulled from real recent Ranked Conquest match history, and user-generated tierlists.


Making the right choices during picks and bans can be the difference between domination and total submission for a team. provides information on the most popular picks and bans, as well as gods with the highest win ratio. It operates on a rolling basis, as game balance is continuously adjusted and trends come and go.


Users can sign up to in order to better contribute to the aggregate tierlist. The aggregate tierlist looks at all created tierlists, and determines an average. This tierlist represents the opinion of the community as a whole on god rankings. The more information collected, the more accurate the results. Creators can also share their tierlist with others.

Unfortunately is not currently available, but you can view the source now on github. There is some weak code there, particularly in the cron tasks being HIGHLY inefficient, and the application is midway through a Symfony 3 port.

I was able to recover a single image of the homepage. Apologies for the poor quality; the background was actually blurred video and I promise looked much better: homepage

Technology is built on Symfony2 with Sass and JQuery.