September 01, 2019

A dedicated game server map rotation notification service

Smite.link: A Smite conquest assistant

March 01, 2016

What is Smite.link? Smite.link is a webapp for casual players looking to get into ranked Conquest play in the MOBA Smite. (Conquest is the…

3D Sokoban

July 01, 2015

University dissertation implementation of introducing additional dimensions into classic 2-dimensional games

Chatter, A Zend Framework 2 Module

March 01, 2014

Update: This project is permanently archived Chatter is a forum module designed for Zend Framework 2. It was designed to be featureful…

Global Game Jam 2013: Fear

March 01, 2013

About My first Global Game Jam entry, designed to be played by the visually impaired/blind. The Jam site was at De Montfort University in…